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Preparing for Marriage

Marriage as an institution and “getting and remaining married to one” as an accepted social status is no longer deemed as an absolute necessity by many of todays urban adults. This was one inevitable stage in the life of your  parents- isn’t it ?.

Many of you may want to question the purpose served by marriage,  in the larger context of life and consequently your preparedness for entering into this partnership of marriage.

While there is unanimous agreement among many that “marriage has to achieve emotional fulfilment”,  defining how to move on this journey and more importantly realising that we are on the right track is not easy.

What is definitely visible today is that “to be couples” of  today do not want to easily compromise their personal space to settle for a sub-optimal quality of married life and are possibly in a hurry to perceive the presence  or abscence of chemistry. Planning to get married is best when  preceded  by defining “space”and “expectations.

Premarital counselling is sought by many as they value their marriage space and their life together. When enough attention and  thought can be given  then the approach to married life becomes a happy and understanding one.

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