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Members of a Family

“Family” is the foundation of society. Many of our societal behaviour patterns are seen to  originate and gravitate around how we as individuals live within families. Behind each closed door of the unit called family may lie a challenge.

Changing life styles and the need for instant gratification have spared none. We forget that the deepest feeling  in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

The binding force of any family is the mutual care, love, respect and appreciation. The absence of this chord is sufficient  to unveil the disturbing undercurrents in homes.

The best of us  develop rigid patterns of interaction based on powerful emotional experiences that hinder emotional engagement and trust. It changes the system of interaction between family members.

Thus maintaining and managing family relationships is an important factor for psychological health. We believe it is beneficial to involve families directly in the therapy session and help them to find a way forward.

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