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To make a success of marriage is not about having the same temperament or compromising one’s view but in understanding the differences that exist and attempting to cooperate joyously in finding innovative ways to manage these differences. It is about prioritising each other and the marriage over other things in life.

Progressively social norms are changing and so are  sensitivities which need to be felt in married life. Many are working at their emotional baggage and preventing this beautiful relationship from floundering.

Conflicts are disagreements strongly felt and are inevitable in any relationship. Uniqueness and individuality traits will give rise to conflict. Objective in a marriage is to learn how to work around these differences together. The “we and our families” bonding is to be viewed as sacrosanct. We are all for it and prepared to back you up at every step. Counselling has rekindled the love and understanding in many couples lives ushering in a much needed touch of Spring once again.

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