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Who we Are
Jyothi Sharma Jyothi Sharma

As I traversed the journey of my life, I paused at a point in time. I stepped out and realised that I was always caught up swept in a torrid current of strong feelings. Never was I in the “Now”. As I recollect having to swim through this tide, the lucky me, was fortunate to be anchored by near and dear ones around.  The timely associations with nurturing souls helped me grow. They were always there when I needed them, their silent reassuring presence, that helped to create Self Awareness and reinforced my own Self-Esteem. This is in turn is enabling me to be Anchored within.

Since then having essayed roles of a teacher, trainer, guide, social worker, mother, wife etc,  made reaching out to others a very natural instinct . I equipped myself further with the requisite   skills through a Diploma in Counselling from Banjara Academy and developed upon them further with an MS in Psychotherapy and Mental Health.

This realisation of the support provided by this ‘support group” triggered me to question “why should I not facilitate others, who too could be needing a similar guidance ,To help them to become self aware and reinforce their self esteem, to  come to terms with themselves, be anchored from within and more critically prevent any collateral damage.”

Meanwhile my friend Mridula, who is a free spirited being, highly positive in her approach, a strong proponent of alternate medicine and healing therapies, equipped with a counselling diploma and  a successful business woman to add, was similarly experiencing the need to reach out to those who needed “healing“

With this was born  “Happiness and Wellbeing” –  a concept focussed to reach  out,  to both Counselling Assistance bundled with various alternate healing therapies, -a blend which we believe is necessary and  comes from our conviction that to be a counsellor and a healer,  is a soul connect. We decided to give expression to our shared and cherished dream to create a “heaven” of “Happiness and Wellbeing”

To bring to fruition this experience and to be able to reach out to many, we have partnered with like minded individuals, who are all similarly rich with experience and well meaning desire, to reach out and enhance the quality of life.  And here we are…..  A team of counsellors and healers eager to reach out to you.


Relevant Education Qualifications

  • Diploma in Counselling
  • MS in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health

Individual counselling in

  • Teen/Adolescent for self motivation
  • Parenting : for young parents
  • Enabling parents to understand and handle adolescent behaviour
  • Behaviour modification- anger management , working on self guilt, importance of overcoming addiction

Group Workshops
Life Skills training in schools and Vocational Training centres

Small group interactions

  • Management of emotions
  • Menopausal stress
  • Addressing empty nest syndrome

Counselling skills training

  • Counsellor skills
  • Qualities of counsellor
  • Stages of counselling
  • Understanding adolescent behaviour
  • Experiential sessions on “forget and forgive’

Workshops for teachers and school children (in Oct)

  • For teachers’ sensitisation
  • Senior schools children on self esteem
  • Middle school children on “sex awareness”

Workshops for corporate employees

  • Assessing abilities to take on challenges and risk taking behaviour


  • Key Note speaker on “Addiction and Way Out” at Lions Club
  • Chief Guest at  the Lions twinning program on “ Sharing of Happiness”
  • Chief Guest at Chinmaya School annual day on “Positive Parenting”
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